Why a Marijuana Obsession Is All Right


Cannabis lovers have something to celebrate! Laws are changing in more and more states, making recreational and/or medical marijuana legal. Anyone who recognizes the true wonders of the cannabis plant is likely to say that it’s about time. When you compare drinking alcohol or taking narcotics to consuming marijuana, it’s clear that weed should be the last of the three outlawed.

No one has ever died of a marijuana overdose, unlike the other methods of obtaining a high. It’s not all about being under the influence of an intoxicating plant, either. Cannabis has remarkable healing properties that sometimes borders on the miraculous. Below, learn more about the marvelousness of marijuana.


Sam and Seizure Control

Sam had up to 100 seizures per day as a small child, and his family diligently sought a solution. After years of nothing but disappointment, Sam was able to try medical marijuana. His parents went the legal route, which was incredibly expensive. Ultimately, Sam went to England for CBD (cannabidiol) treatment. In less than 24 hours, he went from 68 seizures to 3 seconds-long seizures. Their fight to get what Sam needed was far from over since they couldn’t bring the miraculous marijuana treatment back home without expense great enough to buy a sizeable home. Learn more about Sam’s journey here.


Medical Cannabis

In addition to seizures, marijuana can ease many medical conditions. There are many different “strains” of the plant that produce certain results. For example, Jack Herer is the name of a marijuana strain that is a cross between three other marijuana plants: Haze, Shiva Skunk, and Northern Lights #5. An extremely popular strain, Jack Herer provides clear-headed euphoric bless that relieves symptoms of depression, joint pain, musculoskeletal pain, migraines, ADD/ADHD, and other ailments. Jack Herer also gives creativity and energy a boost.


A Fun Weight Loss Program

In spite of being notorious for giving users the munchies, marijuana helps with weight control. People who regularly smoke pot weigh less and have a reduced risk of obesity as compared to people who don’t touch the stuff. Research shows that this may be because cannabis can boost metabolism, lower cholesterol, and increase the loss of fat. Pot smokers can vouch for marijuana use as an excellent strategy to achieve weight control.


Stress Less

Stress is all too common, and it causes many serious medical problems. Cannabis helps to alleviate stress and promote calm. The lucky prisoners in a Swiss jail were part of a research experiment involving cannabis. They had the opportunity to smoke marijuana regularly. The research concluded that there was less violence in prison as a result of marijuana. It was an effective social pacifier. Cannabis imparts serenity to prisoners and can do the same for you.


Help for Insomnia

Sleep is as critical to our well-being as food and air! Sadly, many people suffer from various sleep disorders, such as insomnia. Marijuana has been more effective than sleep medication for many people. The only downside is that usefulness as a sleep aid lasts only so long because with increased usage comes a decrease in effectiveness.


Hurray for Cannabis!

Have you discovered the joys and benefits of marijuana? It could already be legal where you are, or perhaps you can join the fight to have it legalized in your state. There hasn’t been enough research to conclusively verify that cannabis has virtually all benefits and no proven negatives. There isn’t enough evidence to support certain stigmas, such as that ganja is a gateway drug—in fact, research shows that cannabis does not lead to dangerous drug abuse. So, enjoy cannabis!

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