Why Do I Miss Being Single So Much?

Snagging a great girlfriend was not easy but being part of a couple makes me miss being single. There was a four-year gap between the last steady girlfriend and having the first date with my future fiancé (FF). In many ways, I was aware of the misery of my loneliness during those years. But eventually, I figured out how to live single and happy. Although I definitely want to marry FF, I couldn’t be more surprised at how much I miss those days of being unattached.


Now that I have someone else to sort of “answer to,” I can’t get away with procrastination. FF makes me want to be a better man, which I believe may be a universal reason men make marriage proposals. I no longer have control over my own schedule for handling things. FF happens to buy into that old saying about not putting off until tomorrow what you can do today. There’s one thing I have control over and that’s when I’m going to propose. As the weeks tick by, I realize I’m hanging onto the last thing I can fully get away with putting off without being nagged. Although if I wait much longer, there is no doubt she will start calling me to account for failing to take things to the next logical level. Time is running out.

Buddy Time

The way I filled the void left by being single was to meet with my friends often, and it was always fun. Basketball, extreme sports, fishing, and camping were just a few of the awesome activities we enjoyed together. Freedom to get with the guys several times a week for various activities has been sacrificed on the altar of love. At least FF agrees that we should still see our friends regularly, which means at least once a month. Twice or three times weekly was better.


There’s no judgment when you indulge in down time, if there’s no one there to see what you’re doing. Playing video games for a stupid number of hours and staying inside for entire weekends to do nothing but watch sports are part of my past life now.

I Like this Chick

Just figured out that a relationship worth sacrificing for means saying goodbye to procrastination, other people time, and privacy. And that’s not even all. There are other things I’ve had to give up, and many start with other letters besides “P.” When my FF becomes my FW, I’m pretty sure the death of single life will be worth it. It better be.

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