Investigation has been done on a lot of random, some would say ridiculous, things. Thanks to the hard work of researchers who recorded and analyzed hundreds of conversations, we now know common words that are used when people are stressed out.
If you’ve ever wanted to flip off anything or anyone directly related to Christmas, flipping Christmas may be just what you need. Put the brakes on the old way of doing things that turned the supposed merry season into the season of hellish stress. 
A bitch isn’t shy about letting choice swear words fly. According to researchers who know their shit, it’s positively therapeutic to use swear words.
I grew up being told that if I looked at a Playboy magazine, my eyes would catch on fire. I’ll never forget being 13 and having my first peek. 
Now more than ever you can embrace your awkwardness, dream big, and become successful by being yourself! The Internet is the perfect forum for an endless range of talents.
Stress is a terrible thing, but there are some genuine badass ways to deal with it. You don’t have to let stress get the best of you, whether you face work pressure, school pressure, parental pressure, pressing marriage issues, or the self-inflicted perfectionist variety.