Paris, France, is the most visited city in the world, drawing approximately 30 million foreign visitors annually. All of those tourists aren’t wrong. The City of Light makes a lifelong impression on all who go there. Check out the following five reasons you really must visit Paris at least once, though there are many more reasons than that!
After Hump Day, it’s an almost pleasant coast through Thursday and Friday to the weekend! Hump Day totally works as a metaphor for getting past the hardest part of a difficult undertaking. Below are some tips to help with that.
Every day, 5 million people play Pokémon Go. As of May 2018, there were 147 million active users. The game was downloaded over 500 million times across the world in 2016, the year it was released and created a short-lived fad of epic proportions. The height of the craze may have cooled down, but it’s about to heat up again. In just a few days, on November 16, 2018, Let’s Go Pokémon RPG for Nintendo Switch will be released.
Over the weekend, you got an extra hour, thanks to Daylight Savings Time. If you’re like most people, you haven’t absorbed it yet with a change in bedtime. A whole hour is a valuable thing in a busy life, but that doesn’t mean you have to be serious about it. Or maybe it does. It all depends on your personal inclinations. The following are some ideas for what to do with your extra hour, divided by a few categories.
One Mega Millions ticket was sold with all the right numbers to win the $1.54 billion jackpot last week, and what should that instant winner do with all that money? First of all, don’t do whatever 70% of all lottery winners or recipients of a huge windfall did to go bankrupt! The name of the instant near-billionaire (after taxes) who bought the winning lotto ticket in South Carolina has not been revealed. But if it was you, the following are some tips on what not to do if you win the lottery.
Sometimes it’s the perfect time to be lucky. Right now, for instance. There has never been a bigger lotto jackpot in U.S. history than the one up for grabs at the Texas Lottery Mega Millions at this moment. The current total is $1.6 million. If you feel lucky, buying lottery tickets may be right for you. Research on luck shows that, pretty much, it’s up to us, whether or not we are lucky. Find out below how to make your own luck, keeping in mind that it may or may not help you win the lottery.