Sometimes it’s the perfect time to be lucky. Right now, for instance. There has never been a bigger lotto jackpot in U.S. history than the one up for grabs at the Texas Lottery Mega Millions at this moment. The current total is $1.6 million. If you feel lucky, buying lottery tickets may be right for you. Research on luck shows that, pretty much, it’s up to us, whether or not we are lucky. Find out below how to make your own luck, keeping in mind that it may or may not help you win the lottery.
At the box office, Halloween 1978 grossed more than $70 million. It set Jamie Lee Curtis on the path of stardom, inspired slasher films by the graveyard-full, and has a tenth sequel opening on October 19, 2018. This is something to celebrate! Here’s why.
The secret is out, and women are aware that the male species has sex on...
Next time you watch a movie that doesn’t already star a pirate, get aboard your pretend pirate ship, press the spyglass against your good eye, and search for the movie’s endearing pirate adventurer. Aaaargh, if it doesn’t make your movie more fun, you can blow me down.
Fall is in the air, that time when beer is the obvious beverage of choice...
Music may be far more awesome than you think. It’s deeper than the universal thrill of hearing your favorite song on the radio. We have internal factors built right in that cause music to have a remarkable impact on our lives. Below are five possibly surprising benefits of listening to music.