What is Christmas in July?

What is Christmas in July?

What is Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is a time to celebrate all the fun and cheer that comes with Christmastime, even though it isn't December. Many people enjoy spending time with friends and family or celebrating with a festive Xmas party. 

What is the origin of Christmas in July? 

The exact concept of Christmas in July was given national attention in the U.S. with the release of the comedy Christmas in July (1940). 

In 1942, the Calvary Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. celebrated Christmas in July for the first time. They celebrated the joys of the Christmas season with carols and a sermon called "Christmas Presents in July." The next year, they repeated this celebration with a decorated tree covered with donations from parishioners. After this event became popular, the church began broadcasting the sermon over the radio starting in 1945. 

In July of 1944, officials from the U.S. Post Office, the U.S. Army, and the Navy threw a Christmas in July luncheon in New York to promote an early mailing campaign for men serving overseas during World War II. 

Seeing the success of Christmas in July as introduced in the 1940s, American advertisers began using Christmas in July themes in the 1950s. 

Why celebrate Christmas in July? 

There are a few reasons why people celebrate Christmas in July. One reason is that Christmastime is full of fun! Who doesn't want to celebrate Christmas cheer more than once a year? You can bring a little bit more joy to the world when you celebrate Christmas in July. It's a great time to pull out all of your funny and cool Christmas outfits and t-shirts. It can even be a great time to purchase some new Xmas shirts, tank tops, or hoodies before the Christmas rush really arrives. Brisco Brands has tons of ugly and cute themed Christmas clothing for you to choose from. 

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