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SKU: 33L56-5000-HLC-S-SHMF

Bust Cancer T Shirt

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Bust (verb) – to burst or break something… Bust (noun) – a woman’s breasts, or the measurement around a woman’s body at the level of her breasts. This homograph is a witty yet perfect term to use when we pray for a cure. One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. Sometimes, we don’t know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have. The disease is not a choice, but choosing to “bust” through breast cancer is! Support all those Pink Ribbon Warriors with this stylish T Shirt and “Bust Breast Cancer”!

Diamonds are one of the hardest materials in the world! They can break things, cute through things and still stay shiny and beautiful! This diamond T Shirt is great because there are so many reasons behind it! Babies may have feelings but, it doesn't fully comprehend anything! SO you can say whatever you want to a baby and they will have no hard feelings!

Key Features:

Heavy Cotton T-Shirt

  •    100% Cotton Preshrunk Jersey Knit
  •    Classic fit with double-needle sleeve
  •    Machine Washable Inside Out
  •    Print Size Varies By Garment Size
  •    Printed in the USA