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Busted! Hoodie

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Remember those times when you get to yell "busted" at your friends when a teacher or an adult tells them to talk to them. It was the best feeling to see your friend, or even someone who is not your friend get in trouble for something, especially when it is not you getting in trouble. Those were the days. This Hoodie is perfect with you because you keep that good feeling alive even now. Anytime someone seems to be getting in trouble you are the first to yell, "busted!" Just like you are a kid again ad it still gives you the same giddy feeling.

If you are skilled enough to catch one of these awesome looking fish off the coast of the Pacific prepare for an awesome looking and picturesque fish. We appreciate all species of fish and this awesome type of Sculpin is no exception. This fishing Hoodie is an awesome way to show off a cool fish that some may not have ever heard of before.

Key Features:

Heavy Blend Hoodie