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SKU: 15L597-5400-SPT-S-SHMF

Crazy Aunt Long Sleeve Tee

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I'm the crazy aunt everyone warned you about. Sorry but I forgot to mention that earlier. Yep. Definitely crazy. Totally wild. I'm the person that just loves to go on wild road trips out of the blue. I'm the one who just loves to go and visit all of these places and can't help it. I cause a ruckus and I sure make stirs. I'm the crazy aunt which is why I have this hilarious Long Sleeve T Shirt. This Long Sleeve T Shirt is for the ones who love to be the wild childs of the family. The ones who love to run to adventure. And the ones who keep on going.

This is to the crazy aunts. The wild ones. The black sheeps of the family. The ones who go out and do what is weird and so over-the-top. If you're a crazy aunt then this Long Sleeve T Shirt is for you. This Long Sleeve T Shirt is for the ones that every mom has warned about. The ones who are bound to cause trouble. The cool aunt who gives candy freely and loves to roam about. Wear this and show off your cool and crazy aunt status with the world. It's your time to shine.

Key Features:

Heavy Cotton Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  •    53 oz
  •    100% cotton preshrunk jersey knit
  •    Taped neck and shoulders
  •    Double needle sleeve and bottom hems
  •    Seamless double-needle 7/8" collar