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SKU: 14A614_C2-5400-IRGR-2X-SHMF

You F*cking F*ck Long Sleeve T Shirt

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f has got to be the most satisfying word in the English language. f satisfying, it’s hands down the best. In fact it’s the f-ing best. See, in the past sentence alone I used it as a noun, verb and adjective. f, that’s impressive! MY favorite time to use it? When I see some jerk cut the line at the coffee shop - the one I’ve been standing in for an hour. Or when I see an ex of mine with their new…whatever the f. Unfortunately sometimes you just can’t relay the message. That’s what this Long Sleeve T Shirt is for. I know, you’re f-ing welcome.

f you you f-ing f. Yeah you read this Long Sleeve T Shirt and we mean it. f you. This Long Sleeve T Shirt is perfect for you rebels out there who just want to scream the truth. This is for all the people who feel like they just want to say f you to everyone around and especially that very very special person that just grinds your gears. This Long Sleeve T Shirt is not only for the angry teenager in all of us but it's also for everyone who needs to release their stress from the work week.

Key Features:

Heavy Cotton Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  •    Preshrunk Jersey Knit - 100% Cotton (Sport Grey & Heathers - Cotton/Poly Blend)
  •    Tight knit cotton for added warmth
  •    Print Size Varies By Garment Size
  •    Machine Washable Inside Out
  •    Printed in the USA