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SKU: 15A130-5400-SPT-S-SHMF

Hate Mondays Long Sleeve Tee

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I Hate Mondays. Look who doesn't? No one gets out of bed in the morning at the beginning of the week and is like here we go. Mondays are more like slogs than they are amazing adventures but they're necessary nonetheless. Sure, I'd rather be spending my Monday on a beach than be laying at the office. Or hanging out with some friends instead of walking my way to the class but hey that's what we have this Long Sleeve T Shirt for. This Long Sleeve T Shirt is to show the world that you really do hate Mondays. That event though you're up, that doesn't mean you're happy.

You hate Mondays? Of course, you do! No one likes them. Unless you're Ted. In which case, stop reading this and get out. Mondays are the bane of our existence and it doesn't help that it ends the best days of our week. Our Sundays and Saturdays are the prize of the working life and it gets so cruelly taken away by Mondays. If you hate Mondays the rock this Long Sleeve T Shirt. If you hate working in general then wear this Long Sleeve T Shirt. If you just want another second to relax on the weekend then wear this Long Sleeve T Shirt.

Key Features:

Heavy Cotton Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  •    53 oz
  •    100% cotton preshrunk jersey knit
  •    Taped neck and shoulders
  •    Double needle sleeve and bottom hems
  •    Seamless double-needle 7/8" collar