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SKU: 15M55-5400-SPT-S-SHMF

My Wife Said No Long Sleeve Tee

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My wife said no. Sorry dudes. You know the drill. You know that I can't just go out and do things. I have to consult the lady. I have to ask my wife and talk to her about it. It would be an entire ordeal if I were to go even though she said no. You know it'd be weird and she wouldn't like that. This Long Sleeve T Shirt is for you. This Long Sleeve T Shirt is for the ones with wives who wear the pants in the relationship. This is for those of you with wives you control a little too much. This is for those of you with wives who demand a bit more.

Wear this Long Sleeve T Shirt if you have a wife who controls everything. If you have a wife that literally does not let you do something without her permission. If you have a wife that knows who you are and doesn't let you do some of the things that you like. Well, that's love right? Wear this if you're a husband with kids and responsibilities. This Long Sleeve T Shirt says it all. Your wife said no. So you're not gonna watch the game. You're gonna go shopping.

Key Features:

Heavy Cotton Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  •    53 oz
  •    100% cotton preshrunk jersey knit
  •    Taped neck and shoulders
  •    Double needle sleeve and bottom hems
  •    Seamless double-needle 7/8" collar