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SKU: 14M309-18500-RED-2X-SHMF

Not Doing Shit Hoodie

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You are always getting things done and by things I mean you're to-do list. It is the most complete of anyone I have ever seen. All your personal goals and missions seem to be checked off all the time. Of course, it does help that you only give yourself one mission and that mission is to not do shit all day. This Hoodie is the perfect way to show people that you are someone who gets only one thing done and that is nothing. This Hoodie is perfect for you because you work hard to not get shit done all day and that is impressive.

Faith is a powerful thing and can shape men into who they truly are. Our Hoodie are great ways for people to express their faith. God is the almighty and no one is above Him. We should rejoice in his glory by showing Him our love and faith using our Hoodie. This Hoodie says it all and we should give people encouragement to do that.

Key Features:

Heavy Blend Hoodie