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Oh Snap! Ladies T Shirt

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Photography is an awesome hobby, and unlike its contemporaries such as drawing or painting, it’s relatively labor-free. That’s right, screw all those pencils, paints, canvas and other stuff and slap some cameras on us. You want an awesome picture? We’ll get one for you in seconds. It’s an art that’s easy to learn, and anyone can pick up a camera and become a photojournalist in no time! If photography is your favorite hobby, then go out there and rock it with this pretty sweet Ladies T Shirt. “Oh snap” refers to your shutter speed? You beautiful nerd.

Oh Goose, we’ll always remember you, even if you did die in a silly freak accident. I guess a more honorable death just wasn’t in the cards. You didn’t go down in the blaze of glory. Instead, you just bonked your head too hard. A silly death for a silly Goose. The writers of Top Gun didn’t treat you well, but we will. Please accept this inspiring Ladies T Shirt so that we’ll always remember you.

Key Features:

Heavy Cotton Ladies T-Shirt

  •    100% Cotton Preshrunk Jersey Knit
  •    Side-seamed with slightly tapered women's fit
  •    Print Size Varies By Garment Size
  •    Machine Washable Inside Out
  •    Printed in the USA