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SKU: 14L402-18500-BLK-2X-SHMF

Tattooed and Fabulous Hoodie

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Tattooed and fabulous is exactly what you are. You have tattoos all over your body from your left are sleeve tattoo, to the tattoos of the birds going up the side of your stomach and the amazing leg tattoos! You rock that ink like nobody’s business and you look absolutely fabulous while doing it. Show everyone that you are damn proud of your tattoos and of course look fabulous doing so with this Hoodie. Tattoos are part of your fabulous lifestyle and without them you would just be fabulous, and who wants that? Not you of course.

As the stigma on being inked wears away, you show how proud you are of your art. This Hoodie is perfect for anyone who loves their tats!

Key Features:

Heavy Blend Hoodie