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SKU: 14C19-5400-BLK-S-SHMF

Weird And Proud Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Are you just a little weird? Are you someone who just thinks a little outside the box way too much? Then this Long Sleeve T Shirt is for you. Be proud of your outspoken strangeness and let this Long Sleeve T Shirt be your guiding principle as you wade through the waters of normality. Not only can you show the world that you're weird and proud but also you can show others that they don't have to be ashamed of their weirdness. Weirdness comes in all shapes and sizes. Weirdness comes in all names and colors. Weirdness exists on all spectrums so show it to the world today.

Be weird and be proud. Be both of these things. Because the world is going to stop you from doing so but here you are. Weirder and prouder than you could ever be. This Long Sleeve T Shirt is amazing for those of you who just want to show off your weird style and have pride in it. So what if you love tie dye. So what if you dye your hair. So what if you eat grilled cheese and marshmallow sandwiches. Okay well that's actually too weird. But hey who are we to judge - you're owning it!

Key Features:

Heavy Cotton Adult Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  •    53 oz
  •    100% cotton preshrunk jersey knit
  •    Taped neck and shoulders
  •    Double needle sleeve and bottom hems
  •    Seamless double-needle 7/8" collar