TrendTee offers the latest t-shirts and apparel in pop culture, movies, humor, and more!

We started just like you did… from nothing! Here at Brisco Brands, we sold a few self-printed shirts with corny and funny sayings at flea markets and thrift stores. With no brand recognition, no guarantees, and no money to start up, we pushed on through the struggle and created more and more graphics and continued to sell them ourselves, expanding our market and eventually creating a brand that stands on its own as a successful clothing line.

This is an American story for an American clothing brand. We started from the bottom and now we’re here. Just like our story, anyone in America with a dream and the will to do something can make a name for themselves and accomplish what seems impossible. Our story is proof of that simple sentiment. We know why you’re here, though - you are looking for awesome designs that are funny, clever, relevant and relatable, so let’s move on to what we offer you!

Here at Brisco Brands, we are all about the latest and greatest. We offer party shirts with offensive and rude sayings, funny quotes, and jokes that have stood the test of time. For those who like to show off a bit more, we have edgy and risqué designs with innuendos, double-entendres, and humorous sayings that will make anyone flinch and laugh out loud. Our graphic category is perfect for people who love to wear graphic tees with awesome pictures of all today’s pop culture trends.

We keep up on all the popular trends to offer you nothing but the best quality and most relatable products. For example, we have some of the best pop culture designs so that everyone can find shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and more that are relatable to the things you actually care about! Not to mention nerd culture; we know that all those “Trekkies”, sci-fi-loving, and glasses-wearing geeks are totally in the zeitgeist these days, and we have awesome designs for the popular nerd culture! Whether it’s movies and TV or video games, we have graphics that all you nerdy hipsters can relate to. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Marvel, comics, and more of the geeky things we know and love are all represented in the best and most trendy ways.

Here at Brisco Brands, we know that you have a reputation to uphold and an attitude to match. We have awesome shirts, tank tops, long sleeve shirts, and v-necks that represent your moods and emotions. We have feminist designs for women to show that they are tough and will not take crap anymore. We create powerful designs inspired by movements and influential enough to inspire their own! Our attitude designs show people exactly who you are and you are unique! Our attitude category is also filled with sarcasm to tell people off in nicer and funnier ways; if you haven’t heard, being passive-aggressive is totally in right now!

Whatever you are looking for, here at Brisco Brands, we make sure we are always trendy (get it?) for the hipster- and millennial-run era we find ourselves in. From self-printing and selling at flea markets to now having a large warehouse factory located in Ramseur, North Carolina right here in America, we are a trend-setting company that puts its customers and their interests first. We employ nearly 200 of the trendiest workers and we design and print all of our product right here in the USA to offer high-quality and affordable prices for the trendiest Americans.