Certificates of Adherence

Brisco Brands is proud to be backed by certificates highlighting our dedication to sustainable and ethical practices. Discover how our adherence to environmental regulations and standards ensures our garments not only meet the highest quality and style expectations but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable future.

Global Organic Textile Standard

Global Organic Textile Standard certification ensures that the cotton for each garment is not genetically modified and is grown without any synthetic pesticides. It certifies that Brisco Brands dying and printing process meet strict environmental and social criteria. The products we provide are made from organic materials and have minimal environmental impact.

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Organic Blended Content Standard

Organic Content Standard certification verifies that our products contain organic materials such as cotton. Throughout the yarn making and knitting that goes into making our fabric, the original organic material is not lost guaranteeing a sustainable and organic option.

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OEKO-TEX certification ensures that Brisco Brands products have been tested for harmful substances and chemicals. This test ensures that the fabric is safe for your skin and overall health.

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Global Recycled Standard

Global Recycled Standard certification indicates that our products contain recycled materials. Using recycled materials in our garments helps reduce waste and the consumption of raw goods.

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Sedex Member Ethical Trade Audit certification details our commitment to ethical and responsible manufacturing processes. Brisco Brands prides itself in conducting ethical factories that function under fair labor conditions and promoting worker's rights.

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