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Ringspun or Premium Premium CVC Value CVC or Promotional
Adult Tee Shirt  - KAN00A Adult Tee Shirt  - KP000A Adult Tee Shirt - KS000A
Womens Tee Shirt - KA000L Womens Tee Shirt - KP000L Womens Tee Shirt - KS000L
Junior Tee Shirt - KA00FL Junior Tee Shirt - KP00FL
Adult Tank Top - KA200A Adult Tank Top - KP200A
Long Sleeve Tee - KA400A Long Sleeve Tee - KP400A Long Sleeve Tee - KS400A
Crewneck Sweatshirt  - FV100A Crewneck Sweatshirt - FM100A Crewneck Sweatshirt - FP100A
Hooded Sweatshirt - FV500A Hooded Sweatshirt - FM500A Hooded Sweatshirt - FP500A
Zipper Sweatshirt - FV600A Zipper Sweatshirt - FM600A Zipper Sweatshirt - FP600A
Youth Tee Shirt - KA000B Youth Tee Shirt - KP000B Youth Tee Shirt - KS000B
Youth Long Sleeve  - KA400B Youth Long Sleeve - KP400B Youth Long Sleeve - KS400B
Youth Crewneck Sweatshirt - FV100B Youth Crewneck Sweatshirt - FM100B Youth Crewneck Sweatshirt - FP100B
Youth Hooded Sweatshirt - FV500B Youth Hooded Sweatshirt - FM500B Youth Hooded Sweatshirt - FP500B


Junior Fashion Collection Tie Dye Collection
Raw Edge Tee - KB00RJ Junior Tie Dye Tee - KA00FL
Ladies Cropped Tee - KB0RCL_05 Adult Tie Dye Tee - KA000A
Cropped Muscle Tank - KB26CJ_05 Cropped Tie Dye Tee - KA00CL
Tie Back Tank - KB251L_05 Cropped Tie Dye Hoodie - FB50CL
High Low Muscle - KB270L_05 Tie Dye Hoodie - FB500A
Short Sleeve Raglan - KB800L_05
Long Sleeve Raglan - KB850l_05
Lettuce Edge Cropped Tee - KG0LCJ